Real estate and deals

Our experts have a fifteen-year experience in real estate business. Our experts provide services to major the development and construction companies. We are involved in the most complex deals worth millions.

We will provide legal aid from the stage of activities seeking real estate and continue cooperation including the phases of development project implementation and real estate sales. Our service comprises in-depth investigations of a property’s legal status including construction development, participation in negotiations, legal drafting services for deals/contracts.

Construction law

We will help you to settle all issues at every stage, offer a comprehensive legal consultation and prepare respective documentation. Our experts will be involved in each step of obtaining a building permit (from determining city building parameters to obtaining building permits). Our experts will prepare agreements needed in the course of construction and take part in negotiations.

Licences and permits

We will assist you in obtaining licences and permits, prepare documentation fitted to the status and represent your interests in administrative and regulatory bodies.

Commercial and corporate law

Our experts will prepare the documents required for company registration. We will render consultations for any type of deal, participate in cross border business agreements, carry out a comprehensive research on the evaluation of legal risks and offer you the best ways of their elimination (so-called “Due Diligence”).

State procurements

We can deliver a complex service during your participation in state procurement procedures, help you prepare bid documentation and provide consultations taking into account the specificity of state procurements.

Personal data protection

We provide an excellent consultation service and prepare the documents to protect your, your employees and partners’ personal data. We will acquaint you with international strategies and regulations on personal data protection.

Private international law

We will help you conduct negotiations with a foreign contracting party, enter into a contractual relationship, choose a governing law and an applicable court/arbitration.

Labour law

We protect both employers and employees’ interests. We will draw labour contracts and documents related to labour relations, help you elaborate and manage labour strategies and acquaint you with different ways of mitigating legal risks.


We will be engaged in litigations from the very outset and offer you risk analysis and dispute resolution strategies elaborated by our direct participation or through the cooperation with sector specific specialists. We will protect your rights in administrative bodies, courts of all instances in Georgia and arbitration. We will draft your legal documents required for litigation and help you execute court decisions. We know how to address our clients’ concerns and make them feel safe and comfortable.